Standard (¥130)

商品 あげまんじゅう

Our basic style. Crispy batter with bouncy texture inside
Smooth red bean paste


ごま あげまんじゅう

Sesame inside our crispy batter
Mashed red bean paste

Matcha (¥170)

抹茶 あげまんじゅう

Mashed white bean paste with Matcha
Matcha powder in our crispy batter too!
Popular for kids

Pumpkin (¥170)

かぼちゃ あげまんじゅう

Smooth pumpkin pastePopular for women

Sweet Potato (¥170)

さつまいも あげまんじゅう

Smooth sweet potato paste 
White sesame inside our crispy batter

Custard Cream (¥200)

カスタードクリーム あげまんじゅう

Fried with pistachio and almond batter
Constantly popular

Sakura – Cherry Blossom (¥200)

さくら あげまんじゅう

Smooth sakura paste
Manju covered with sakura leaf, deep-fried with sakura flower batter
Popular for people from overseas

Monja ingredient (¥200)

もんじゃ あげまんじゅう

Japanese sauce flavored (pork meat)
Seaweed and pickled ginger batter

Curry (¥200)

カレー あげまんじゅう

Pork and beef curry 
Enjoy the different texture from curry bread

Chocolate (¥200)

チョコレート あげまんじゅう

Chocolate paste
Chocolate powder in our crispy batter
For people who love sweets

Chestnut (¥250)

栗 あげまんじゅう

Smooth red bean paste with chestnuts
Fried with roasted green tea powder batter

3 kinds 6 portions pack (¥900)

3種類6個入り あげまんじゅう

Standard, sesame, matcha flavor
Each flavor is in 1 packet (For souvenir)

5 kinds 10 portions pack (¥1,580)

5種類ミックス あげまんじゅう お土産

Standard, sesame, matcha, sweet potato, pumpkin flavor
Each flavor in 1 packet (For souvenir)

Standard flavor 6 portion set (¥780)

あげまんじゅう 6個入り お土産

Standard flavor only (For souvenir)